They Don’t Make College Basketball Video Games Anymore

It is March Madness, and sports fans all around the country are filling out their brackets and staying glued to their televisions as they watch all of the drama.  It is definitely a wonderful time of the year, and something that I thoroughly enjoy.  However, because I am also an avid gamer who enjoys sports games, it does bother me that there is no longer a NCAA basketball video game on the market.

Probably one of my favorite video games of all time is College Hoops 2k8, which was on all major consoles.  That game gave a very realistic NCAA basketball experience that, in my opinion, completely outdid its competition, which was the EA March Madness franchise.  2k Sports, unfortunately, has not released a college basketball game since.

In fact, the last college basketball game ever to be released was EA Sports’ NCAA Basketball ’10.  Although that was an enjoyable game with a number of nice features, including automatic roster updates, it still did not compare to the 2K game that was released two years before it.  For those of us who like to create our own rosters, the automatic roster updates were not a feature that would put the EA game over the top.

It appears as though these college basketball games just never made a whole lot of money for their companies, which is unfortunate.  It certainly is a niche market, and if you look online you will often find College Hoops 2K8 to be sold for near original retail price.  For those like me who enjoy college basketball video games, it is unfortunate that nobody produces them anymore.  My hope is that someday a game company will take another risk a produce a current gen college hoops game.  Until then, I have to settle for my old copy of 2K8.